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 Hey it's Me

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PostSubject: Hey it's Me   Thu Dec 06, 2007 9:30 pm

hey its me
you see
i'm not who i was originally
i no longer destroy unintentionally
i am lyrically strong
and i can do it
i could write a song
i'm on the straight and narrow
so straight i'm like a f***in arrow
what you don't see
is how i used to be
hatin all the time
neva gettin caught committin crime
but thats the past
and this is now
don't ask me how
i got to be this way
it's sumthin that just happened one day
and now i'm a wicked lyricist
and if you got a problem
i give you my sincerist
though i'm a prodogy
i'm also very odd you see
what i don't get
is whats with all the labels
were like a bunch of animals in stables
why can't i be me
and you be you
if i said i would give up now
it would be a lie
before i give up
i'd rather f***ing die
i've got too long to live
too much to live for
i'm out of the cold
i no longer live poor
you won't find my body on the floor
of some place with no door
i get to eat
every day
don't have to worry if i'll be ok
if i wrote a song would you listen
if i saw you in a crowd would your eyes glisten
here is a window to my mind that has been closed for many years
don't act surprised
i've compromised
i've hid the tears
been on the run since i could crawl
like rubber i was bouncing off the wall
embracing my insanity
i've come to terms
with the worlds vanity
i gave up
the fight to keep my sanity
can you believe
there's not a word that can describe
how much i want to leave
how much i want to burst out
of these four walls
that hold me here
with every fear
i've ever known
but don't cry
don't shed a tear
cuz now i'm here
that means i'm out
i'm up and about
ready to shout
so take my hand
lets take another walk
how did you like our little talk
another glimpse
into my soul
so take this
and forget what you think you really know

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Hey it's Me
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