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PostSubject: Strenghth   Sat Dec 01, 2007 9:19 pm

I losin my mind
just sitting here is a crime
where all you people at
afraid to go online
am i gonna have to revive this
site by myself
i don't if i can do it
so just get of your butts and do it
By the way I don't want if ands or buts
show some skill show some guts
throw of fear the adults
There lame man their like one big cult
Their trying to destroying us
and grind us into dust
are we gonna win
Be carried of like a by the fox like when he gets the hen
If ever break up
If we ever move away
This site is all we got
So sign on the freakin dots
are you gonna stay alive are not
cause i know i am
So what about the you lambs
are you gonna be sheperded by the man
Throw of established
set up rebelstablishnent
And Live

A Rap by D.D

Much Love J.k

Ya'll better read this or gonna bust you up
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