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 he's better known as me

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PostSubject: he's better known as me   Sat Jul 23, 2011 7:25 pm

His voice, my own, it kills me
and nobody sees how truley malicious he can be
he speaks of blood hate and reckless abandon
but that doesn't scare me
what scares me most is that i agree

i would slice and cut and sever ever vain
i would end ever life i could with a bullet meeting a brain
it would be nice and clean but messy as i could make it
you would run and scream and cry
running like rats you couldn't take it
but you deserve it i know i sure as hell do

how can you fix this?
your too late do i look like i'm smiling back?
he's in a rage now he's screaming inside my mind
saying "go and blow up kill yourself its about time"
and i've tried oh god i've tried too many times to count

but what are the odds that the bullet doesn't fire?
and what are the odds that the rope breaks twice?

and what are the odds that i'm just not good enough to die in this trial by fire...
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he's better known as me
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