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The Stranger

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PostSubject: Mirrors   Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:18 pm

It's not the screams I hear at night that bother me the most, or the nightmares that fill my mind, not every night but close. It's when I see your face and I know that you hate me. After all the times I tried to make it better. I failed, I fell and I fell hard. Don't say your sorry don't play that card. Thats bullshit we all know it is. Little miss I can take care of it all, just you watch. You care too much I WISH YOU WOULD JUST STOP!!!!! I've never told you how much it PISSED ME OFF. I FUCKED UP... ok i get it. You said you forgave me, where the hell did that go??? Now I can't walk by you without you giving me a dirty look, provided you'll look at me at all. And DON'T EVEN THINK that you've escaped my words we'll call you claire. I was an ass some times but what you did bit the big one.When I see him you'll be the only thing stopping me from killing him I swear you will!!!!!!!!! You were all that mattered to me and no matter how hard i tried you wanted more. What the fuck did you want from me?!?!?!?! I would've given you my heart on a fucking platter if you just asked. OH AND DAD!!!! Thanks loads, for everything you've ever done for me. Because if it weren't for you i never would have know that i could throw a hook like that. I hope you and that bitch of a woman get along fine without me!! AND MOM!!! you haven't gotten out of this one. For as much as you loved me you wouldn't think it might have hurt you to call me in the 14 years before you needed money?? THIS IS BULLSHIT I let you people down?!?!?! look whos talking. Take a good look in the fucking mirror and tell me who let who down.
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