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 she </3

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PostSubject: she </3   Thu Aug 28, 2008 12:30 am

does anyone really know
whats going on behind those green eyes
does anyone really care
what shes done to herself
does anyone see the pain she hides
she tries not to show it

it all just becomes overwhelming
she cries every night
she takes pills to leave this place
she drinks to try and forget
but nothing seems to work
nothing seems to help

why cant she just leave
just stop having to deal with it all
she wishes she would have never done it
she regrets her life
she wishes she had never been born
the pain just wont leave her alone

how long can she put it all off
how long can she keep it all to herself
how long can she endure the pain

everyone says it will be okay
but can she last until then
can she hold it all in
can she keep up all the lies
can she keep lying to the ones she truely loves
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she </3
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