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 Don't Look Back

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PostSubject: Don't Look Back   Sun Aug 24, 2008 8:52 pm

I laid there perfectly alone in this moment, staring at the stars, never wanting this to end. This was my place, almost where I belonged. I could feel the shingles on the bare skin of my back. The only light was being provided by the moon and the stars. I loved it here. Of course I was only on my roof, but it was peaceful. I could hear a howling in the distance, I knew it was only coyotes, but I imagined it was wolves. Moving through the miles of trees that surrounded us here. I told myself that was their territory. Oh how I longed to be apart of the world. To live wild, animalistic, in the moment. I longed to feel the power, to feel the speed. I felt it sometimes in dreams, or when I became lost to myself in times like these. I could almost believe I was out there with them. It was almost believable that I was wild, an animal. Almost.

I shook myself from my childlike trance and sat up pulling my legs close and wrapping my arms around them. There was a cool breeze blowing in from the north. I ran my eye’s across the tree line. How easy would it be to just leave this place. To go and never turn back. I could do it, there would be nothing to stop me from just. . . going.

I was done thinking about it. I stood up and stepped over the edge of my two story house. I did it without thinking. Without the slightest fear of hurting myself. The goal was to leave right? Leave and never turn back. That was the plan. I fell, I think. It didn’t feel like falling. When I landed it didn’t hurt, it wasn’t as if I had just stepped from a two story building. It was just like walking. My feet landing just as if there had been no height interference.

I stood there for a moment. My heart and thoughts racing. I looked up at the roof from which I had just stepped, and then at the ground. There was a strange red tint to my vision. Every thing was sharp, my hearing, my vision, my sense of smell. Oh my sense of smell. I could smell. . . human, and it smelt delicious.

I left. I would never turn back. This world was my playground, and I was the mean bully with no respect for playground rules.
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Don't Look Back
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