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 Who Cares?

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PostSubject: Who Cares?   Wed Jul 02, 2008 1:06 pm

(Another old poem on Quizilla. Free verse, of course. lol)

I'm running down the road
I can't think straight.
I can't believe the time
I can't believe I'm late.
But then I think, who really cares?
It's just an appointment.
Who gives a fuck
about anger management?
Who cares so much nowadays
about what shirt they wear?
Who cares a great deal
about what is really fair?
Nobody I tell you
Nobody at all
Nobody even cares
If a child gives a call
Who cares about the homeless?
Who cares about the raped?
Who cares about the beaten?
Who cares of those that are saved?
I do, I do!
I scream and shout!
But no one cares
What these words are about.
I don't care about clothes
And those stupid boys!
I don't care about the decore
or little toys!
But I ask to everyone
who cares about me?
Who will take the time
to walk by and see?
Yes, I want a boyfriend
Yes, I want a lover.
But I would trade those very things
for my very dear mother.
But even though, I say these things
And you ppl are able to listen.
Do you care about your lover
when you are somewhere kissing?
Do you care about family?
Do you care about friends?
Do you care about beginnings?
Do you really care about the end?
Yes, I know it's hard to love those that hurt you
Or even try or dare
But if you really see, do you see
Why I ask, "Who Cares?"
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Who Cares?
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