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 A Lie

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PostSubject: A Lie   Wed Jul 02, 2008 1:00 pm

(This is a poem I wrote a long time ago when I was stuck on Quizilla. lol Oh, I only write free verse because I like being able to do my own thing. And... I don't know I explained that. Well, here it is.)

I watch the sun rise
from my window ajar
I realize my life
Is always so far
I can't touch or see
My heart is blind
You have wasted my time
You run through my mind
I know this isn't true
But I want to believe it
I know it's nothing
And that it's shit
You were the best thing
that happened to me
You were the first one
to help me really see
But you're long gone
Away from this world
You left me alone
Your precious little girl
You were like a brother
One to watch over and guide
I knew from your eyes
That you have never lied
I could trust you
and your pure soul
Just to hug you
Was my everyday goal
But does that matter
to your lifelss body
to your cold eyes
Your voice no longer noisy
Your smile is gone
Never to be bright
But can I blame you
for taking all of my light?
No, I can't
But yet I can
I blame myself
If I never see you again
You shouldn't have left
I should have stopped you
Maybe that drive
Wouldn't be the last you do
So I cry every night
Looking for your eyes
But you coming back
Would only be a lie.
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A Lie
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