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 My dream

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PostSubject: My dream   My dream EmptyWed Jul 02, 2008 12:51 pm

This is the dream I had last night. It was very different and I thought I would share it with you. It’s just the basic stuff because I was losing a lot of it. Razz

Rita Hoffman = burned by sorceress after vacation in gulf with her best friend, Lizzy. Reborn later in the future as Meghin Hagler with all of her memories and found a way to bring back the sorceress for revenge and to get her best friends and her true love back.

Rita dresses casually.
Meghin is never seen without her nun outfit and basket full of herbs.

Vacation = went to find their old friend, Jayson and found themselves going cliff diving to a nearby island, but can only reach the cliffs.
When they actually decide to go back, their transportation is gone. But a young man, Kellan, who is muscular and kind, gets them off by boat to avoid the sharks and spikes below.
When they get back, he confesses how his heart beats irregularly when he looks at Rita, but she won’t hear of it. Lizzy tries to get them together, but it doesn’t work.
So she goes walking out to leave Kellan and Rita alone. Only to bump into a very quiet girl who shies away to herself. Lizzy mistakes her for someone else and tries to get ahold of her.
But when the girl touches Lizzy, she sees a vision of a little girl in a city full of sin that was painted black and red. Fire had been everywhere –torches, bonfires, burning buildings, etc- and the little girl avoided all fire if possible.
Lizzy tried to call out to the girl as she picked up some poison ivy, but found that no one could hear or see her. The girl kept skipping around, humming a little tune as she passed many horrendous looking people.
Then she came upon a church with many nuns with torn dresses and things on their faces. They yelled as she passed, until she snapped a camera at them. The flash went all around and they all sighed as one smiled a toothy grin before saying, “Sweet, Meghin Hagler.”
Meghin ran into the church where a mirror stood in every room, along with a black cloaked figure. Until she saw a decimated well where a tree was growing out of and no light resided.
She ran inside and sprinkled the poison ivy over the well, where Lizzy found a skeleton. She makes no sound as Meghin begins to chant a few inaudible words. The skeleton began to wiggle as fire appeared around the edges. Meghin and Lizzy both moved back from the fire as the skeleton rose, screaming without sound.
The poison ivy covered the body and veins began to appear. The dirt around the body stuck onto it as flesh began to appear. And then the tree leaves fell on the skull as dark hair appeared. And then eyes, lips, and a nose. It was the girl that Lizzy had bumped into.
As the body began to move on its own, the fire died and Meghin approached. She glared and pointed a deadly finger at the body. “You killed me! You burned me alive!” The girl looked down at the other and smirked. “Little Meghin Hagler. Or should I say, Rita Hoffman?”
Lizzy escaped the escaped the vision to find herself next to the girl while in Kellan’s arms and Rita standing over her.

And then I woke up.
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PostSubject: Re: My dream   My dream EmptyWed Jul 02, 2008 8:57 pm

by what there is to this dream you watched batman been on a trip and saw poison ivy and also watched a movie or show that had to do with ghosts or i could be completely wrong and not have a clue at all which i probably dont
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PostSubject: Re: My dream   My dream EmptyFri Jul 04, 2008 5:48 pm

lol I have absolutely no idea what sparked this dream. But it stuck with me. I might write a little story for "sweet, lil Meghin Hagler" Razz
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My dream
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