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PostSubject: Hello   Wed Jun 18, 2008 4:54 pm

Hello! My name is [insert name here] and I'm human. Why announce it like that? Well I'm human in the fact that I'm entitled to my own opinion and my own words, otherwise I wouldn't be saying this right now. If everyone is entitled to there own opinion, why shut them out sometimes. Who cares if it's stupid? In fact, all great ideas can or are stupid. Let's see...the automobile. Great invention, until scientists discovered they release harmful gasses and people made stupid decisons when driving them and end up killing or injuring themselves. Or... plastic. Great stuff! Until it's thrown into the ocean where it won't break down for basically forever. Why am I saying this? Because humans usually or always make a flawed decision. We don't always think before we do. Our opinions sometimes become ideas that become another flawed idea in our way of doing things. Our opinions are ignored, because they are stupid and won't work. We know they won't because they have been tried or we have the right eyesight to know it won't work. But it doen't hurt to listen, because once again we have created a problem. If a person is ignored enough, they start to have the dismal feeling of being stupid and alone. No one wants to hear or see what they have to say. Their ideas are stupid! And what does that lead to? Depression, possibly drugs, violence suicide. And just think! ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS LISTEN! Or at least tell them why. But we don't do that and it casuses problems. Now this may be a bit of an extreme, but brings new meaning to the saying::" Think before you do."

Kevin J. Smith


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