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xXyour lost heroXx

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PostSubject: boxes   Sat Jun 14, 2008 11:54 pm

Am I Dying?
By The Patron of Lost Causes
Dedicated to the one who I thought could find me.
If youíre reading this Iím sorry you never did find me.
Maybe you should have tried looking in my closet.
The one I spent so much time in.
Iíve been hanging there this entire time.

I thought I was dying inside
but now I realize that was my only way to hide.
I put myself in a box
and you were the only person that could break the locks.
If you really wanted you could save my life
but the path you took was to sharpen the knife.
I know itís a lot to say
but I wonít be living another day.
If I was with you
Iím pretty sure I could live through hell.
Once and twice and three times again
it harder for me to explain my emotions using only a pen.
A pencil and paper
that is what Iíve resorted to.
Because even if I tried
I wouldnít be able to tell you.
You gave me love
and you gave me a way out.
I thought that I could live
but I guess that stories been played out.
Iíve been screaming for years
but Iíve been trying to hide the tears.
Iíve been locked inside this box
with all my childish fears.
Itís probably in my head
but with out your love I might as well be dead.

I fear this is the end.
I regret having to tell you this
using only a paper and pen.

Yours For Ever, Iím sorry though you donít want me,
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PostSubject: Re: boxes   Sun Jun 15, 2008 7:31 pm

mike thats really good...sad and all but excellent, really

Had the time of my life,
fighting dragons with you.
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