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 Dust Bowl

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PostSubject: Dust Bowl   Wed Apr 02, 2008 8:59 pm

The wind blew,and the children passed through the dust bowl.
The glass shivered as it spoke the silent the dreams of homicides,and ate it's fill of irony.
And the weeds all uprooted and walked to clear a dirt road for the lost.
Then so did some wander down it.
Walked endlessly,but not tirelessly.
Became mere memories of their former ghosts.
The banyan trees grew tall,triumphant.
Strong in the moonlight,impervious in the sunlight.
The dust bowl grew,demolished it's walls with tremors and dirt.
While the children walked it,not crying to be found.
The sand in their eyes ate not their pupils.
The rocks in the shoes wore not out their feet.
The pebbles in their lungs did not choke them.
And the glass in their hearts cut not the pulmonary.
The banyan trees grew taller.
But shrank in the sun,to shed no shade.
And the weeds wore down more paths.
All but ignored.
And the glass did shiver in it's attempts to eat it's fill.
But irony is a dead cliche.
Irony stands not the test of the time.
And the glass shivered,then splintered.
The wind blew,and the children walked the dust bowl.
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Dust Bowl
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