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PostSubject: Nathan   Wed Mar 19, 2008 1:20 pm

Name: Nathan
Age: 15
Height: 5'6"
Gender: Male
Personality: Split personality
Brief History: Nathan has trouble remembering things and until quite recently he can't remember much about his past. He knows however that he has a problem. When he was 12 he began having nightmares, about wolves and such. On his thirteenth birthday he went through a pain he wasn't quite sure anyone could endure. On that night he changed for the first time. He stayed in his wolf form for months just running. Running away from something but he didn't know what. He can't remember how long exactly he ran but, he wound up collapsing on the front porch of the grounds keepers hut and has attended cherry top ever since.

Role Play Example:

Nathan slept, for what was probably only half an hour until he was woken by what sounded like a frieght train running somewhere near by. He was afraid to open his eyes and he could hear voices around him.

"But what about him?" he heard one say. He opened one eye causiously and saw a woman walking backwards until she fell back into a chair. He lifted his head slightly and opened his other eye.

"Uhm excuse the interuption but," he paused as he sat up completly "who are you people?"
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