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PostSubject: Instructions   Wed Mar 19, 2008 12:37 pm

Alright for those of you who don't know what role playing is to put it simply ... it's acting. The goal of a good role play is to keep a story going. The roleplayers are the people in the story and pretty much the authors. This is good practice for writers or for people who just like to act. It provides a place for you to let loose with your imagination and not have to worry about concequences. There isn't much to role playing. However I will ask for you to keep it almost clean... in other words no overly sexual role playing. If you're still having trouble understanding here is a good example of role playing...


Sam was sitting at the kitchen table in the empty house. Emily must have gone for a walk or something because she was nowhere to be found. After he controled his panic (it really wasn't needed), he sat down and decided to wait. The boys were all over the place. Nothing could happen to her with them around.


It was a nice house, Angela thought. Her father always said you could tell a lot about a person by what their house looked like. She had only seen the outside so far, but what she saw pleased her. It was neat and there was a well tended flower and vegitable garden. Angela loved gardening and anyone who cared enough about plants to treat them so well, must be a nice person. The porch, too, was pretty, with a potted plant near the door and chairs. A man appeared on the steps and he had a smile, which turned to a smirk, on his face.

He looked like Paul (in size and hair cut). His gaze strayed to Emily who still had that smile on her scared face. It made her look pretty, something she was sure Emily's maimed face was never assosiated with. She felt a strange bond with this woman now. The man took Emily's arm when they reached the porch and kissed her soundly.

"Who's this?" he asked, nodding his head to Angela, who still clung to Paul's arm in order to keep standing. She was shaking again.


Emily stayed close to Sam with a different kind of smile. It was no longer motherly, that was for sure. "This is Paul's new friend. Angela was it?" She turned back to the young girl.

Her eyes showed great admiration for the house and a feeling of happiness and pride washed over Emily.

And then, she saw the girl shake. "Sam? Could you get a towel? I need to get some warm clothes for her. She might get sick."


that is a very good example of a smooth role play... you are each in control of one character in the plot and the story. If you get good you can control more than one character but you'll have to ask me before hand.
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