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 This Is My Myspace 2!

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PostSubject: This Is My Myspace 2!   Wed Mar 19, 2008 2:08 am

Never let this die. Never let this live. I'm falling from place. Save me now. I try to be something thats worthy but turn out to be so wrong. How can anything in this world be trusted? How can anybody say that they love someone and the next love another. I try to run from this. I let it out in many ways, But I always wind back at ur door. I loved you to much to let you go. You probably don't feel the same. I've been trying to explan, I have been trying to let this out for you. You meant everything to me. All those days, hours, minutes and seconds I saw of you everyday. But when you left, I left with you. And now I'm ripped to pieces. As you walked away. I tried to walk away. Everyday. Every hour. I still think of you. How my heart has you in it forever. I never tried to tell you this. But now I try. You killed me. Now I can no longer live. I died for you. And all my heart, my memories. my abused life. Is left in your hands. Don't forget that I'm haunting your every step. Don't forget I died and have some unfinished buisness.. With You.
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This Is My Myspace 2!
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