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PostSubject: Run   Sun Feb 03, 2008 2:24 pm

I'm running away from this fear
you said you would never leave,
but where'd you go?
I'm running for you.
away from here
a place where I belong,
a place you said we will be.
I want to grow old
be away from here.
but maybe I have realized that we have so much
when most out there.
have nothing.
nothing to spare but a box.
a box they call home.
most don't even have that.
I have been through so much.
more then any of you know.
I have a story but none of you know.
you never care to listen to me
I'm quiet and sincere
I quit from this job.
I'm tired of running.
walk with me.
never leave me again
for I don't want to die,
knowing your still here.
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