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 It Has No Name..

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PostSubject: It Has No Name..   Sun Feb 03, 2008 2:31 am

after u left my life went to pieces.
right when i thought my life was on track,
u came back.
now i'm lost.
confused on who i really am.
im a copied figure,
in a world of fakes and posers.
im a nightmare that no one dreams of.
we are nothing,
nothing to this world.
but compared to others,
we are lucky.
the institute is waiting for me.
my death has been followed.
i know i make no sense but to me,
this life is nothing more then a fake catastrophe.
our love was fought,
and now lost in what is known as the us confusion.
i keep writing but find no answer or help from any.
my hand is out but no one takes it.
i am dieing and no one misses me.
when my time comes.
let me be, don't fight for me to live.
if its my time then tho shall be it.
god wants me in his presents and not in yours.
so stop trying to save me.
and kill me instead.
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It Has No Name..
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